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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

Vision/Mission for the Department  Love Thy Culture Whilst Appreciating Others’ Cultures

Programmes/Special Programmes

IP Curriculum Model

Express & NA Mother Tongue Languages
NT Basic Mother Tongue Languages
NA pupils Express Syllabus

Chinese New Year Celebrations
Hamper Wrapping Competition (CIP) -To instill the spirit of giving while celebrating.

Sec 4E/Sec 5NA/ Sec 4NA Remediation and Supplementary Classes
An after-school programme to support and prepare our graduating pupils for the national examinations.

Total Defence Day Project
Total Defence is about the different things we can do everyday in every sector of our society to strengthen our resilience as a nation.
An MT-based project infusing Total Defence messages.

Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme
This is for the purpose of strengthening bonds among students of different races; at the same time helping them acquire the languages that would enable them to operate comfortably in the region. Sec 1 – Term 1 & Term 2. Sec 2 – Term 3 & Term 4.

MT Camp for Secondary 1 pupils
Term 2

Overseas Study Trips
Tamil Language Unit – India (September)
Chinese Language Unit – Immersion Programme in Huangshan, China (November)

MT Talent Development Programme
CL – Creative Writing
ML – Journalism, Creative Writing, Poetry Writing & Recitation
TL – Drama Workshop

SMB Mother Tongue Fortnight 2013

CA and SA components for each of the respective units (for Sec 1 to Sec 5)

Common Test 30% NA EX
Essays 30% Paper 1 35% 35%
Letters 20% Paper 2 30% 35%
Project 10% Oral 25% 20%
Others 10% Listening 10% 10%
Total 100% Total 100% 100%

Sec 1 to 4N(T)

Written 20% Paper 1 20%
Listening 30% Oral 50%
Oral 30% Paper 3 Listening 30%
Project 20%
Total 100% Total 100%







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