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Mathematics Department

The Mathematics department consists of two units – Mathematics and Principles of Accounts. The department is led by Mdm Sandy Wong as Head of Department/Mathematics.

The subjects offered are as follows:

Express Normal Academic Normal Technical
Additional Mathematics
Principles of Accounts
‘O’ Level Mathematics
Principls of Accounts


Department Vision
Lifelong Mathematics Learners

Department Mission
Our Mathematics programmes aims to equip our pupils with Mathematical skills, processes and concepts so that they will become effective and creative problem solvers in life.

Department Philosophy and Approach
Our department programmes strive to equip our pupils with Mathematical skills, processes and concepts to solve problems in a variety of contexts within and outside maths. Our teachers conscientiously practice the 3 phases of learning in the classroom – Readiness to Learn, Engagement in Learning and Mastery in Learning.

We provide opportunities for students to
• enhance conceptual understanding through use of various mathematical tools including ICT tools
• apply concepts and skills learnt in real-world context
• communicate their reasoning and connections through various mathematical tasks and activities
• build confidence and foster interest in mathematics

Students with strong potential in Mathematics are identified early and exposed to higher forms of Mathematical training beyond the curriculum. They are provided with many opportunities to further stretch their abilities in National-Level Competitions such as the Singapore Mathematics Olympiads and International Competitions and Assessments for Schools.

Principles of Accounts

The principles of accounts (POA) syllabus aims to develop an understanding of the principles and concepts of accounting and their applications in a variety of business situations. Candidates will acquire basic knowledge in double entry and develop the ability to prepare, present, analyse and interpret financial statements.

Aims of POA
To enable students to:
• acquire knowledge and understanding of fundamental accounting concetps, principles, and procedures in the context of business aims and activities
• develop skills in preparing, analysing and interpreting accounting information and understanding their implication
• develop and understanding of the role of accounting in providing an information system for monitoring and decision making
• develop skills of numeracy, information technology literacy, communication, inquiry, presentation and interpretation
• develop attitudes of accuracy, orderliness and logical thought and an appreciation of professional ethics.

Team Members/Dept Teachers

Head of Department : Mdm Sandy Wong

Teachers :

Mr Muzaffar Bin Johari

Mr Chang Cheng Hung, Arthur

Mdm Guan Qiu Hua

Ms Kho Puay Hwee, Jenny

Ms Lim Qian Shi, Adeline

Ms Yeo Moei Leng

Mr Long Chee Yong (ST)

Ms Siew Yan Yee

Mrs Soh Sok Hoon (ST)

Mr Ng Cheong Zsen, Mike

Ms Ng Wei Ying Abigail

Ms Sharifah Bte Muhammad Zulkifli

Mdm Suhartini

Mr Teo Chee Yong, Calvin

Mdm Woo Phui Leng, Petrine

Ms Kor Jia Her

Mr Chang Lok


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