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Character & Citizenship Education

Character & Citizenship Education

Our CCE Vision:
An Inspiring Leader who is Innovative, Confident and Empathetic.

In alignment to the national CCE goal to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to be good individuals and useful citizens, the school works towards developing Inspiring Leaders and Active Contributors
who possess the desired attributes, values, competencies and skills set through the head,
heart and hand (3Hs) approach which is progressive and development.

The school makes CCE come ALIVE through centering the curriculum and programmes on the 4-level goals:

A: Anticipating challenges: How can we move ahead? [Sec 4/5]
Li: Living in harmony: Who do we live with? [Sec 3]
V: Visualising concerns, venturing to the community: How can we help each other? [Sec 2]
E: Evolution of the nation: Who are we? [Sec 1]

The school aims to achieve the progressive outcomes:
Sec 1 CCE Outcome:
An Inspiring and confident leader who is able to exhibit care for self and others.

Sec 2 CCE Outcome:
An Inspiring and Innovative leader who shows care and concern for his community and environment.

Sec 3 CCE Outcome:
A Concerned Citizen who shows keen interest about national and regional issues.

Sec 4/5 CCE Outcome:
An Inspiring and global citizen who contributes for the betterment of the society.

Character and Citizenship Education Lessons focuses on developing the following Social Emotional Competencies (SEC):

• Self-awareness
• Self-management
• Social awareness
• Responsible Decision Making
• Relationship Management

To achieve the CCE outcomes, the department adopts the following guiding principles:

• Every Teacher is a CCE Teacher First.
• Values are both taught and caught.
• A Student-Centred Values Driven Education
• Students’ life experiences as possible context

Our Methods

• Teachable moments
• Circle Time
• Values Day Sharing
• School routines
• Assembly programme
• School policies
• Rules and regulations
• CCAs
• Character Development Programmes
• Enrichment Programmes
• Events
• Projects
• School Culture of Speaking the language of CCE (Virtues/Values)
• Positive Role modelling by our teachers

Our school emphasises on social, emotional and mental well-being of students.

This is achieved through:
• Culture of Care permeating whole school through building positive Teacher-Student Relationship
via Circle Time and Restorative Practice
• Guidance Curriculum for all students (delivered as part of CCE curriculum)

• Social Emotional Learning
• Cyber Wellness curriculum
• Education & Career Guidance
• Sexuality Education

3Ps of Character and Citizenship Education programme

Pupil Centricity – Programme design centered on the child and teachers provide
opportunities for students to construct their understanding from their daily experiences with others and
engaging them in experiential learning

Experience – Authentic learning experiences which enable students to put values into practice
in the context of real life situations in family, school, community, nation and the world

Partnership – Foster partnership with external organizations to provide resource support and
links to enhance learning and character development

An Example of School Based Character and Citizenship Education Programme

Creative Community Problem Solving (CCPS) Project Work (PW) is a multidisciplinary project work for
Secondary Two (Exp) students in Sembawang Secondary School. Students solve authentic problems in the community
and put their values and responsibilities into action as they live up to the school’s vision of Inspiring Leaders, Active Contributors who show care, innovativeness, confidence and empathy towards others.
Students as concerned citizens use the seven steps involved in creative problem solving (CPS) to develop novel solutions to solve community issues in collaboration with external organisations such as NEA, Canberra CC, NLB, SKM, etc.
In doing so, they reach out confidently to residents as well as community leaders during various community events. Through this CCPS Project work, the school seeks not only to inculcate in students the school’s values of Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, Teamwork and Empathy – ExCITE, but also develop their social emotional competencies as well as developing skills in critical and inventive thinking skill, communication, collaboration & information skill, civic literacy and good habits such as persisting, questioning, problem posing, innovating and interdependent thinking.

Multi-modal assessment is used to in evaluate students’ performance in several aspects such as report writing, presentation, values assessment, etc.

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