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Learning for Life Programme

Learning for Life Programme

Our school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is Developing Community Leaders through VIA and Outdoor Education.

Our LLP rides on the strong foundation of SMB students leadership programme and encapsulated in our Vision to nurture Every Students as Inspiring Leader and Active Contributor. This programme aims to develop Community Leaders who are caring individuals who are innovative in problem solving, confident and effective communicators who are able to lead and serve to bring about improvement to the lives of others around them.

Key attributes of a Community Leader

  • Innovative – always be engaged in the improvement of the community. He/she is willing to seek all possible solutions to solve problems
  • Confident – is adaptable and resilient, willing to make responsible decisions and communicates effectively.
  • Caring – is able to empathize with others and is supportive towards their needs and growth
  • Active contributor – he/she is able to work effectively in teams and exercises initiative.

Outdoor Education (OE), both at school and on residential courses, is a platform to enable students to achieve the above attributes towards improving the school community and beyond. It also aims to provide opportunities to develop students’ social and emotional learning and strong teamwork for innovative problem solving to overcome adversity and challenges posed to them.

Leadership Programme
A 2-tiered approach is applied to provide different depths of experience.
In Tier 1, the activities are organised for the whole school population. In Tier 2, activities are organised for the high progressing student leaders. These students will be expected to demonstrate an additional level of competency and service. In our student leadership framework, the 7 groups of student leadership are namely: Class leaders, ICT Ambassador; Green Ambassador; CCE Ambassadors; CCA Leaders; School Councillors and Special Project Leaders.

Tier 1 – Opportunities for All

  • Self – Leadership (Sec 1)
  • Public Speaking Workshop (Sec 2)
  • Outdoor Education in PE (Sec 1 – 3)
  • Sports Education Programme – Dragon Boating (Sec 2)

Tier 2 – For High Progressing Leaders

  • Leadership Induction Programme (Sec 1)
  • Emerging Leaders Camp (Sec 2 & 3)
  • Enhanced Leadership Programme (Sec 2)
  • Overseas Service Learning (Sec 2)
  • Programme with External Partners

SMB VIA Programme

VIA programme aims to promote active citizenry among our youth and bring about a greater sense of engagement and ownership. Teachers facilitate student’s discussion of community issues and ideas for making a difference. Curriculum time will be set aside for students to reflect on what they have learnt at various stages of their projects. In that way, students continue to apply what they have learnt, and be active contributors and concerned citizens. Students are encouraged to initiate VIA activities based on their assessment of the needs of their community. The VIA Programme will have age-appropriate activities that develop the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to put values into action. The Complexity of Community Problem differs for the different levels (Sec 1 to Sec 5). There are 3 stages in the VIA Plan as stated below.

  • At Sec 1, students are the Change Makers @ Sembawang Secondary, seeking school improvements.
  • At Sec 2, students are the Change Makers in the community, looking at the issues of the community and proposing solutions to solve problems.
  • At Sec 3, students are the Change Makers who are concerned about national and regional issues.
  • At Sec 4/5, students re the Change Advocates of global issues to inspire and influence others to make a difference to something important that they care about.
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