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Applied Learning Programme

Applied Learning Programme

What is the ALP at Sembawang Secondary School?

Our school-based ALP is an innovative curriculum that is aligned with SkillsFuture. It is piloted in the Humanities and leverages 21st Century Competencies (21CC) with focus on Critical and Inventive Thinking (CIT) through Media Literacy.

Why the need for the ALP at Sembawang Secondary School?

The ALP curriculum at Sembawang Secondary School aims to develop students as critical consumers and producers of media and knowledge in various disciplines through:

  • critical analysis and evaluation of media sources of information in the Humanities;
  • connections of the knowledge in the Humanities with Art and English Language;
  • creation of media products;
  • collaboration through productivity tools; and
  • application of learning to real-world contexts.

What kind of media literacy skills do our students learn as part of the ALP?

Firstly, our students will learn media reception skills. This means they will be equipped with thinking skills to critically interpret, analyse, question, and evaluate information from different media sources (e.g. print, online, visual, oral). Our aim is for students to be better able to question the information they see in the media and to discern any hidden messages or purposes.schoolbag

Secondly, students will be equipped media creation skills. Our students will be trained in using appropriate media tools to convey a message, with the aim of persuading a target audience (e.g., creating posters, infographics, videos, graphs etc).

Lastly, we will also enhance our students’ competencies in digital productivity. Students will be guided in using appropriate digital media tools (e.g., google docs, popplet) to enhance their personal productivity and collaborate effectively with others. These are skills they will find useful when they enter the digital age workplace.


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